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How can Jungle Food create lean muscle mass?

Although working out promotes lean muscle development, it also promotes stress hormones to be released in the body. This can result in muscle decomposition.

Jungle Food works against muscle decomposition and for lean muscle mass development by increasing dopamine release. This regulates stress by generating the chemical neurotransmitters needed to regulate stress created by working out. Jungle Food develops lean muscle mass by supplying the body with protein and all essential amino acids

– the building blocks to lean muscle mass.


The presence of iron in Jungle Food assists the body in supplying oxygen to the muscles. Iron is vital for developing lean, toned muscle mass because the oxygen it transports is needed for healthy muscle contraction and elasticity.

Antioxidant Rich

Antioxidants fight free radicals which are imbalanced oxygen molecules that go around our bodies robbing healthy cells of electrons causing healthy cells to malfunction and deteriorate by throwing them off balance and into oxidative stress, We are constantly exposed to free radicals (which are also the building blocks of cancer) by pollution, chemicals, car exhaust, cigarettes, overly processed foods, alcohol, radiation, electronics, processed sugars, pesticides, and bacteria overgrowth. With all the sources of free radicals we can imagine that we need to have our soldiers ready to fight at all times. The oxidative stress caused by cancer-causing free radicals works against muscle recovery which is an essential part of developing lean muscle mass. It is a common theory that LMM growth takes place during recovery. After all, exercise is self induced, calculated muscle fiber damage. Growth takes place in nourishing that damage that was done. That’s where Jungle Food comes in, with all four ingredients being antioxidant rich (Sacha Inchi, Lucuma, Monk Fruit, Agave). Antioxidant rich foods like Jungle Food, assist the recovery phase by strengthening the muscle cell membranes which protects them from free radical induced damage.

Amazingly, antioxidants also deactivate free radicals during your workout, before the free radicals can even think about damaging those precious muscles you work so hard for. Furthermore, amazing antioxidants repair any damages caused by free radicals to muscles cell membranes. Talk about a muscle saver! We love ANTIOXIDANTS, we love antioxidant rich JUNGLE FOOD!

LMM’s worst enemy. Nothing sucks more than working so hard for LMM only to have the muscles broken down right before your eyes to be used as a source of energy for your body. All because you haven’t eaten enough protein and carbs to store energy because you were too busy at work to eat or got caught up studying, working on a project or in a meeting. Maybe you just can’t seem to work up a consistent appetite because you go so long without eating. The stress of NOT EATING aka not having enough energy supply for your body to function properly causes the release of cortisol which is BFF’s with catabolization, which is LMM’s worst enemy.

Can you imagine the self-induced drama you ensue on your hard earned muscles? That so not fair for you or your body. You deserve better, That where your new BFF Jungle Food comes in to totally obliterate cortisol and catabolization.

Once again, that dopamine supply that Jungle Food provides comes thru to decrease cortisol levels. Neurotransmitters balanced out… check! On top of that Jungle Food is a quick, clean and tasty way to stack up on stored energy with healthy carbs and protein.

Here’s a tip:

Drink Jungle Food in a shake or stress relieving tea to keep cortisol levels at bay while you’re asleep. Being eaten alive in your sleep by catabolization sounds like a nightmare we don’t want to see come true. And thank your BFF Jungle Food!

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