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What is

Jungle Food?

100% Plant Based, Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free & Nut Free!

Jungle Food is a superfood blend made with four ingredients. It can be used as a multi-vitamin, meal replacement, pre or post workout. Jungle Food is 100% plant based, organic, blood sugar friendly, blood type friendly, gluten free, soy free and nut free. 


The benefits feature proper portion control, a decrease in cravings, and low glycemic ingredients that are free of toxic additives and preservatives.

The Best Source of Vegan Protein

A signature blend of four organic, super food ingredients sourced from nature’s richest places.

Each scoop contains all the essential nutrients the body needs.

A nutrient rich, low calorie meal replacement designed to keep you full and energized.

Improves digestive function, maintains proper portion control to burn fat, stimulates healthy bacteria growth and bowel function.

Our main ingredient is 94% digestible providing a higher proportion of absorbed nutrition that less digestible foods.

100% Natural
Creates Balanced Diet
Aids in Body Purification
Intake Digestible Foods

How do you use Jungle Food?

Jungle Food is a nutrient rich meal made in seconds!

The classic way to consume Jungle Food is the Shake & Go!

Shake or blend a scoop of Jungle Food with your favorite non-dairy milk and ice.

Jungle Food can be added to smoothies, smoothie bowls, hot and cold cereals, dessert batters and even as a creamer for tea, coffee or iced latte.

Jungle Food ingredients are sourced from nature's richest places like Peru, Thailand and Argentina.

Jungle Food is a premium product made with four delicious and exotic, nutrient rich ingredients.

"Love this stuff! Left me feeling light, yet my appetite was satisfied. Pairs well with many veggie juices, and can be thrown into other foods without taking over the taste."

Nia Scott

"I want to start by saying that Jungle Food knows what they’re doing. Apart from the amazing product their customer service is amazing very informative and helpful. I appreciate you guys, keep it up!"

Quintana Cortez

"Great product and customer service. Love it! Will definitely be back for more!"

T Spivey

"The best protein powder on the market! It taste so good."

Jordan Aymond

"Taste great, I'm about to place my next order today."

Roudly Calixte

"I have tried every vegan protein on the market, this by far is my favorite. The taste is amazing! Even in water!"

Ricky & Rinn

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