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What is
Jungle Food?

100% Plant Based, Organic, Vegan, Blood Type Friendly, Gluten & Nut Free!

Jungle Food is a high protein, nutrient dense meal replacement. It is 100% plant based, organic, vegan, blood type friendly, gluten and nut free.

Also known as The Miracle Worker, the benefits feature proper portion control, a decrease in cravings, and low glycemic ingredients that are free of toxic additives and preservatives.

Help Balanced Diet

A nutrient dense, low calorie meal supplement

100% natural

Organic, Vegan and 100% Plant Based. It's Non-GMO. Gluten Free & Nut Free

Improve digestive function

Our main ingredient is 94% digestible providing a higher proportion of absorbed nutritions than less digestible foods.

Helps with body purification

Agave Inulin supports digestive health, stimulates healthy bacteria growth and normal bowel function.

Burn fat &
stay healthy

For digestive health and support

Jungle Food Powder

How do you use Jungle Food?

Each scoop contains all the essential nutrients the body needs.
Jungle Food is also a multivitamin. It can be added to your favorite dishes and beverages.






100% organic

The Miracle Worker is a premium product made with only four delicious, exotic and nutrient dense ingredients.

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